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Why the IUD is making a comeback

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 19, 2015

When more and more of my friends started going off their birth control pills and getting intrauterine devices, I wondered why they had switched to this contraceptive method and so I asked them. For those of you who are equally curious, here’s what they said...

“You can’t forget!”

Once the IUD is put in, women don’t ever have to worry about getting pregnant again! It’s a more effective and less anxiety-producing form of birth control for women who sometimes forget to take their pills. No more pregnancy tests or morning-after pills!

“I don’t get my period anymore!”

An IUD with progesterone is a long-acting, reversible contraceptive method that allows women to have lighter periods or none at all–a big plus for women.

“We don’t know what the long-term effects of the pill are.”

The side effects of the pill can be serious or even deadly. No one wants to deal with a blood clot or a pulmonary embolism! In addition to worrying about these very real risks, women are also concerned about the long-term (10+ years) effects of estrogen on their bodies, including higher cancer risks, as some studies seem to indicate.

“The pill made me depressed.”

Some women’s moods change while on oral contraceptives. Some of the friends I spoke to said they felt much better and had more energy since going off the pill.

“My libido came back.”

If your sex drive has gone down since going on the pill, your choice of contraception may be the problem given that a decrease in libido is one of the possible side effects. The good news is that going off the pill and switching to an IUD will reverse that problem.

While IUDs can be great for some women, they also have downsides: women can experience pain when the device is put in, as well as intermittent spotting, etc. At the end of the day, you just have to weigh the pros and the cons and do what’s best for you!

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