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Tips for a Great New York Getaway – Part III

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 13, 2015

I’m a huge Big Apple fan! Whenever someone asks me to join them on a quick getaway to New York, I always say yes right away, even if it’s last minute.

In Part II of this three-part series, I shared my favourite places to eat in New York. Here now are my favourite places to have a drink and dance the night away if you’re so inclined! Half of them are in Brooklyn (Williamsburg), which has nothing to fear from Manhattan when it comes to first-rate bars and nightclubs.

1. Wythe Hotel – Williamsburg

Thanks to its famous rooftop terrace, the Wythe Hotel is a must-see Brooklyn attraction. The incredible view of Manhattan will make your wine or beer taste even better!

2. Employees Only – West Village

While the drinks aren’t cheap, you will be enjoying them in one of the West Side’s swankiest bars. Open for over 10 years, this Manhattan gem is as popular as ever, which is saying a lot in a city where trendy new bars open and close in the blink of an eye.

3. Elvis Guesthouse – East Village

Feel like a frozen margarita? You won’t be sorry if you get it at Elvis Guesthouse, a hip but unpretentious neighbourhood bar located below a Thai eatery with devilishly hot food! If you grab a bite there first, you can always cool your mouth off with that frozen margarita...but only if you can handle your tequila – no watered down drinks here!

4. Donna – Williamsburg

A Brooklyn barman I know actually suggested this little bar which I found elegant without being uptight. It’s a great place for a nightcap and a snack.

5. ​Pianos – Lower East Side

If you’re in the mood to party hard in a super-festive environment, Pianos will not disappoint. The bar on the first floor has a really fun atmosphere and there’s a lounge and a showroom on the upper floors. Click here for the calendar of events.

6. ​Baby's Alright – Williamsburg

Baby’s Alright, a very cool nightclub worthy of its name, also serves up cocktails and live music. The place is always lively and the decor is a notch above many other Brooklyn establishments. Click here for the calendar of events.

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