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Modern life is rubbish - delusion & spirituality

Destructive delusional thinking


The grass is always greener.

So many of us believe that the next man, car, job, house, lipstick or cream cake will be the thing that makes us happy, and yet it never is.

Our happiness is always fleeting because we see a redder lipstick, a kinder man, a faster car, or a more bling handbag, leading us to a state of dissatisfaction with what we currently have.

So whilst our massive consumer choice may at first appear to be a blessing, if viewed through delusional eyes it becomes a curse, we lose our capacity to own our minds!

When writing my book The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment I fell in love with Buddhist philosophy on this topic.

I adore Buddhism because Buddhists firmly believe that ‘delusion’, leads to an unhealthy state of mind. I've learned to counter this negative thinking and regain my mojo for modern life.

We take things for granted and we inevitably become miserable.


We hang the idea of our happiness on what we could have, or what might happen, and in doing so we easily forget what we do have.


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