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Modern life is rubbish - delusion & spirituality

I shop therefore, I am...


It is easy to fall into the trap of defining ourselves through our possessions or the people that surround us.

But if we do so then we will lose our sense of self. It becomes easy to justify our demands for more, and in turn we may tip over into narcissism and self-centeredness.

Many people in our society sincerely believe that they deserve more, they are owed it, and they can easily fall into immoral or selfish behavior, whilst entirely believing they are right to do so.

Delusion is ghastly, it is ultimately self destructive. It's something that we should purge from their lives.

The key to eliminating delusion is to recognize it in yourself. You must be mindful of your own thoughts, and question the reasons why you believe you need or deserve something. What are your motives?

If you are seeking happiness in the future, rather than finding happiness in your present, then there is a good chance you are delusional.

Do you feel a deep sense of incompleteness unless you have the latest fashions, the newest pink nail colour or the slinkiest mobile phone?

Are you prone to inappropriate crushes, perhaps believing that you will be complete when the object of your affection returns your feeling?

Only to later discover that Mr Prince Charming was an illusion – a delusion?

Maybe you look for self-affirmation and confidence through alcohol, cigarettes, sex, chocolate, shopping or drugs?


Women in Focus Editor
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