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Modern life is rubbish - delusion & spirituality


The curse of the  - Modern life is rubbish - delusion & spirituality
The curse of the
Are you delusional? Would you even know if you were?

Alice Grist, author of The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment gives us her thoughts on modern living...

It’s sad to say that delusional thinking is one of the key elements of dissatisfaction and misery in the modern female.

Indeed delusional thinking is like a plague upon us all that is encouraged by a society that constantly encourages us to think bigger, better, faster and stronger.

Delusion totally stamps all over our attempts to stay sane and delays our progression as insightful and intuitive wannabee goddesses.

In fact delusion, the rotten scoundrel, mires us fully in mad bad habits, unhealthy thinking and  a constant desire for more, more, more. 

The result being that we have so much choice and so many options that we are constantly on the brink of happiness, but never quite there.

'That new handbag will complete my new outfit and then I'll be happy.'

'Yes, these shoes were £600 and now I can't pay my rent but I will wear them ALL the time so really they were a bargain!'

'I'll buy the more expensive wine because I don't want to seem stingy.'

'Of I just had an iPad, I'd be happy.'

Sound familiar? Read on.


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