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Single Parents: What's next with spending cuts?
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Single parents in Italy


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Italy’s reform proposals

Despite the fact that Italy has a significant number of single parent families, its government encourages the traditional family values, in line with its Catholic ideals. A white paper was issued in May last year  with the promise of welfare reform to be implemented once the economic situation had improved. Maurizio Sacconi, the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Policy, compiled the paper based on extensive research, but interestingly it found that the welfare reforms should be built on the principals of marriage and the family network rather than overtly supporting lone parents.


There can be a stigma attached to being a single parent, but the reality is often that they are just as hard-working and conscientious as anyone else. Lone parent Elizabeth Johnson said: “I feel very positive about being a single parent. If my friends are anything to go by I definitely have the better side of life ... I laugh a lot more because I’m with my children a lot more, and I know that I have more time to myself than my friends who have partners because when my kids have gone to bed, I’ve got time to myself, which I relish.”

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