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Single Parents: What's next with spending cuts?
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Single parents: Elizabeth's story


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'I don’t think that [politicians] appreciate how difficult it is to be able to work and raise children when you are in a single environment,” says Bristol-based Elizabeth Johnson, 53, a single parent of two children aged 15 and nine. “I chose parenting over poverty. I made a lifestyle choice that I wasn’t going to go back to work.

The financial side of it has been very tough, but I believe that it was the best decision for [my daughter] ... and for my son when he arrived. I feel like I have a job – my job is to raise my children to become good upstanding law-abiding citizens.'

Like many single parents, Elizabeth is concerned about how the government reforms will affect her life. She said: 'It gave me a bit of a scare to be honest, I was really concerned about it because I know that both of my children still need me at home, so I decided to find a job which meant that I could still work from home and give them the attention that they needed.  Being a childminder doesn’t necessarily use the skills that I had for the workplace, I’m just doing a job that will fit the government’s needs.'


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