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Scrapbooking: making a scrapbook album like a pro

by cheree Published on November 1, 2011

Scrapbooking is an art and a scrapbook album can't just be created overnight.

Making your first scrapbook album isn't always easy so with the help of expert scrapbooker Céline Navarro, we've put together a guide so you can make a scrapbooking album like a professional with the following 6 essential steps:

> Choose your photos
Select your photos... Grouped together, they tell a story and reveal the theme of your scrapbook album (love, family, friendship, etc.) so choose them well. Don't forget that the more photos there are, the more pages there will be to make.

> Choose your papers
Depending on the paper you choose for your scrapbook, your photos will look different as different paper will bring them out differently.

Black and white photos on coloured paper will always create a contrast but colour photos can also be emphasized with a varety of patterned paper.

Ideally, you should choose 5 or 6 different patterns: flowers, dots, stripes... but all from the same manufacturer because collections designed with the same palette of colours will always go together well.

> Choose your embellishments
The choice of accessories is yours! Flowers, stickers, transfers, stars, beads... choose whatever embellishments you fancy, there are no rules, although always keep the theme of your scrapbook in mind.

> Choose your binding
The choice of binding depends on how big and bulky your scrapbooking album is. If you've made your (big) album yourself, use metal rings that open up, fine materials, ribbons, etc. Remember that the more pages there are, the simpler the binding should be.

> Choose your layout
Opt for a clean, refined layout. Your photos shouldn't be impaired by the weight of the embellishments.

> Make comments
Journaling allows you to place each photo in space and time and to identify the person(s) who appear in it. You should therefore answer the following three questions for your scrapbook photos: where? when? who?

Make sure you use good material: black pen, tippex, alphabet stamps or stickers, and note the emotions that were felt at the moment when the photos were taken.

With thanks to Celine Navarro, author of "Scrapbooking - inspiration and techniques

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