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Objects that All Girls from the 1990s Miss

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 1, 2015

Even if all this feels like it was only ten years ago, in reality two decades have passed under the bridge! Many of these items no longer exist. When we remember the times when we had such good fun with simple stuff, we would like to leave our iPhone in the present and go back to the past! Here are some things that marked our childhood.

Paper Fortune Tellers!

The paper fortune teller (sometimes called a whirleybird) allowed you to know your future: what car you would drive, how many children you would have, and which guy in class you were destined to marry.

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Who didn't get a kick out of discovering new images in this red camera?

Polly Pockets

Mini Barbies you could carry around with you... Its success was never in doubt!


It's life, as well as your own, depended on it: it was absolutely necessary to take care of your Tamagotchi!

Crayola Stamp Crayons

You realized your most beautiful works of art with crayons.

Bingo Chips

You played bingo games with these chips at school. Moreover, it was your favourite moment of the week!


Even with its slightly evil aura, Furby was a little like your best friend.

Magic Baby Bottles

We still have not solved the mystery of how the baby bottles for dolls appeared to empty without ever emptying, but they worked!

Fruit Powders

You came close to indigestion more than once by overindulging in the fruity powder...

The Foot Measuring Scale

It wasn't so much this thing as the shoes that you wanted, but every time that your mother took you to Panda, you had to have your feet measured with this!


So many hours whiled away playing elastic!

Candy Necklace

In addition to being a trendy accessory, candy necklaces allowed you to satisfy your sugar cravings anywhere, anytime.

TY Beanie Babies

You had a collection of TY stuffed animals too?

Silly Putty

Hours of fun bouncing it on the floor or copying images from the newspaper!

Fly Dancer

You may not know why, but it was always cool to make her spin around, fly for a second, and then fall back to the ground.

Water Snake

We did not realize it at the time, but ... it was kind of a sleazy toy.


Pogs was not a game, it was a way of life.

Friendly Little Bugs

Funny bugs with little feet that moved... the invention of the century!

The Balancing Bird

The addicting challenge was to keep the plastic bird balanced on almost all household objects, including parts of your body.


We all harassed our mothers into buying us this little robot dog.

Fisher Price Playhouse

What happened in the playhouse, stayed in the playhouse.

Gel Ink Rollerball Pens

Because we all understood that writing a message with bright ink gave it much more impact.

Stick-On Earrings

Your favourite fashion accessory! Much less painful and more affordable than the piercings we all got.

My Little Pony

We always fantasized about these little magic unicorns.

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard
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