Mindfulness: the basics
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A lifestyle change
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A lifestyle change

The great thing about mindfulness is it's not a two-weeks-and-you're-done regime; it's the sort of thing you can continue to use in you daily routine to make for a healthy lifestyle change.

"Mindfulness is a simple skill to learn and can be practiced at any time and place and, once learned, mindfulness techniques can then be practiced at work, when commuting, in your evenings, or any time or place you feel comfortable doing so," says Dr. Robotham.

After you've taken the initial step to pick up some mindfulness exercises, they'll always be there for you to revisit - whether you want to save them for when you're feeling particularly stressed, or use them regularly to keep your thoughts and feelings running smoothly.

"The first step is accessing a mindfulness course which will teach you all the techniques available," says our pro. 

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