Mindfulness: the basics

Mindfulness: the basics
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Mindfulness: the basics

Mindfulness: the basics

We've been hearing about mindfulness a lot recently - in magazines, on the web, and from friends who swear by it - and we're liking the sound of this stress-busting technique.

But what is it, and how can you use it to improve your mental and physical wellbeing?

We asked Dr. Dan Robotham, a senior researcher at the Mental Health Foundation, to clue us up on the basics of mindfulness.

"Mindfulness is a practice that combines elements of meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and sometimes psychotherapy to help people change the way they think and feel about their experiences, especially stressful ones," he summarizes.

"By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings you become more aware of them and better able to manage them."

Intrigued? Read on for his professional advice on why you should give mindfulness a try, and how you can get started...

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