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International Woman's Day: Kanya King

 - International Woman's Day: Kanya King
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Kanya King – founded the MOBOS (Music of Black Origin Awards) in 1996 - the first Awards show in Europe to celebrate urban music. The MOBO Awards have, undoubtedly, played an instrumental role in elevating black music and culture to mainstream popular status in the UK, and Kanya King has been the driving force behind it all.

Describe yourself in 5 words:
It is difficult to describe oneself, but in asking other people they have said: “passionate, caring, dedicated, driven & strategic.”

How do you shake up female clichés in your daily life (job, family…)?
I don’t think this is something I consciously set out to do. I certainly wear a multitude of hats like most women today. But for example, in my personal life I am not the one who cooks at home.

Part of the beauty of having a partnership is that it is ‘a give and take’ which means that the woman isn’t always the one who is expected to cook and clean and the man expected to bring home the money or do the DIY.

What are you especially proud of? 
My son – he is dynamic, caring and considerate and I am very proud of him.

How do you imagine male and female relations in 20 years? 
Well if you consider how far we’ve come in the last 20 years, the future will be very interesting. 

The traditional role and image of male and female is turning on its head. With growing financial independence, women are getting more and more assertive and powerful in the workplace.

We are showing that, like males there are diverse personalities within genders. What we've been able to prove over the last 20 years is that there is no superiority or inferiority, just difference. Therefore a combination of both gender set of skills will benefit a nation.

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