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Who’s the daddy?
The 2010 pan-European survey highlighted disparities on whether or not sperm donor anonymity should be lifted, a key discussion in many countries at the time.

Polish and British (where anonymity is already lifted)  survey respondents voted strongly in favour of lifting anonymity giving IVF-children the possibility to find out who their biological father is. 

All other countries wanted anonymity to stay in place.
In terms of paying for sperm donors, all participants agreed that it should be remunerated.  Government agencies in the UK are currently in talks to introduce payment for donation, to replace the current expenses only set-up, in a bid to help halt IVF tourism.

Unanimity in what to do with our eggs
According to the auFeminin.com survey women across Europe want to take control of their biological clocks and have more freedom to decide when to become mothers.
By far the keenest to save eggs for the future were the Spanish – 88% voted in favour of egg freezing – while, in contrast, 42% of French women said they couldn’t even contemplate delaying motherhood in this way.

EU women would also like to have more involvement in determining what to do with “additional eggs”. Most countries voted in favour of donating eggs to other childless couples. A large number of women in the UK and Italy would consider donating their unused eggs to science. But an average of 14% in all countries said they’d prefer to keep their eggs for personal use or destroy any unwanted leftovers.


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