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IVF for all or abiding by the laws of nature? © Thinkstock
Abiding by the biological clock
Although women in the EU countries failed to agree on some aspects of conception regulation, the overwhelming majority thought “the laws of nature” should at least be respected.

Most surveyed felt that IVF treatment should be refused to women who have passed natural child-bearing age.

The increasing popularity of “IVF tourism” caused concern – especially prevalent where the mother has been refused IVF on the grounds of age in her home country.

Couples and single mothers often travel abroad for IVF treatment if it is not available to them at home – or to save money - with Eastern Europe and Spain the most popular destinations for so-called IVF holidays.

The survey also found that most agreed parents should not be able to choose the sex of their child when undergoing IVF treatment – again respecting nature’s rule.


Shila Meyer Behjat
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