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IVF survey: What do women really want? © Thinkstock - IVF
IVF survey: What do women really want? © Thinkstock
Results of a pan-European survey show women would like…

  • IVF to be made available to single and widowed women
  • Surrogacy legalized everywhere
  • “Laws of nature” respected and fertility treatment made available only below a certain age.
Women in Europe want to have more freedom and choice when opting for assisted conception or surrogacy, a European-wide survey by the auFeminin group has found. However, they also call for treatments to be controlled by strict national laws as well as the “Laws of Nature”.

The majority of European women surveyed by auFeminin preferred to see IVF treatments denied to older women past natural child-bearing age and, more controversially, to women in same-sex relationships.

The survey by auFeminin.com polled more than 2900 women in France, Spain, Italy, Poland, UK, Germany and Switzerland on their views on assisted contraception, IVF and surrogacy. Here we share the surprising results.

Surrogacy, an arrangement in which one woman (the surrogate) agrees to carry a child for a couple (the intended parents) or single parent and surrender it at birth, has varying legal status throughout the EU.

The practice provides an opportunity for those who are unable to carry a child themselves to overcome their childlessness but it’s not yet legal in every European country.

Women in France, Germany and Spain where surrogacy is currently illegal all strongly voted for legalization in favour of the practice, whereas in Italy and Poland only a small majority voted for and almost as many voted against.
Surrogacy had the strongest support from the UK where the practice is legal though heavily regulated. 75% of women in the UK voted for surrogacy to keep its approved legal status.

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