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International Woman's Day: Ruth Bender Atik

 - International Woman's Day: Ruth Bender Atik
© Ruth Bender Atik
Ruth Bender Atik
is the National Director of the Miscarriage Association, which helps support people who go through the trauma and misery of losing a baby in pregnancy. As well as providing support the Miscarriage Association researches the cause and treatment of miscarraiges.  Ruth has headed up the Miscarriage Association for 18 years.

Describe yourself in 5 words
Driven, warm, funny, impatient, anxious
How do you shake up female clichés in your daily life (job, family…)?
I’m the wage slave – it’s always been essential for me to be in full-time employment while my self-employed husband took on most of the childcare responsibilities. He’s the nurturer. I’m the one who changes the light-bulbs, assembles the IKEA units and works out how to use household and office equipment. Did I mention that I hate asking for directions?
What are you especially proud of?
Fighting the demons of anxiety and guilt and harnessing both to help grow the Miscarriage Association into a highly respected and appreciated charity. 
How do you imagine men-women relations in 20 years?
I hope that there will be real flexibility in roles at home and at work.  We’ll have stopped jockeying for position and male/female equality will be a given. By then we’ll be working together to drive equal educational and social rights and choice for all levels of society.

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