How to deal with anxiety: Seven top tips
6. Dealing with the physical symptoms
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6. Dealing with the physical symptoms

You might experience a few physical symptoms when you're anxious. Things like your heart beating heavily, feeling out of breath, a tight chest, sweaty palms, headaches and stomach aches.

Having anxiety over a long period of time can also lead to things like high blood pressure, depression and eating too much or too little.

Most of these symptoms will go away as you manage to tackle the source of your anxiety. But in the short term there are two things that you can do to deal with a strong bout of anxiety.

First, put your hand on your abdomen and concentrate on your breathing, that will help you straight away. 

Breathing into a paper bag also really helps. If you can't find a paper bag, clench your fist and leave a tiny hole between your thumb and index finger so you can suck through that.

"When you're having a panic attack you can feel like you are going to die, but that's not the case. Your lungs aren't shutting down, it's just the tension you're holding around them that makes you feel like that," says Cheryl.

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