How to deal with anxiety: Seven top tips
2. Work out why you're anxious
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2. Work out why you're anxious

Here's something you might not have thought about before: "Anxiety isn't only about what's happening around us, or to us, it's often generated from within us," according to Cheryl.

A lot of anxiety comes from us trying to reach standards that have been set for us not by other people, but by ourselves.

We might not even realize we're doing it, but constantly worrying about things like "Will I be on time?", "Am I doing well enough?", "How do I look?", "Does my boss think I deserve a promotion?" can have a bad effect on our wellbeing.

Anxiety can also attach itself onto unrelated things. If you develop a phobia of something, it might be because something else in life is making you anxious.

Or, if you're spending too much time and energy worrying about how you look, it could be because you don't feel that good about yourself. Once you've worked that out you can start to tackle the root of your anxiety.

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