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I'll just "Do It Myself" - is DIM the new DIY?

I'll just "Do It Myself" - is DIM the new DIY?

After two days of making mistakes as well as some pretty significant triumphs (I briefly consider becoming a professional tiler after my tiles are deemed “pretty much perfect” by Craig), I feel confident enough to take on any DIY task in my own home.

‘I want women to feel like they can do it themselves,’ says Collette, ‘your house is probably your biggest asset, your most valuable possession, and you have to look after it. You need to take care of your house to maintain [or grow] its value.’

She’s absolutely right. Whether we have someone at home to help or we’ve recently found ourselves alone, we need to take care of our investments. With just a little know-how we can save ourselves time and money simply by taking on DIY jobs ourselves.

After the course, I find myself critically eyeing up my bathroom fittings and inspecting the plumbing for potential jobs to do. 

I mend the kitchen sink that’s been blocked for a week – it turns out to be a five minute job and not half as disgusting as I anticipated. The boyfriend looks impressed… but he’s still clutching his Yellow Pages, phone in hand, ready to make an emergency phone call to the plumber. Oh he of little faith.

I have a crack at the broken shower next but it’s a lost cause, I find myself tutting and shaking my head… blimey, I’ll be drinking builder’s tea next.


Chix & Mortar courses cost £99 per day. Each course runs Saturday, 11am – 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Lunch (and builder’s tea) is provided.

For more information and course locations, check out:
www.chixandmortar.co.uk or email info@chixandmortar.com

Image: Anna-Belle gets to grips with the tile cutter

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