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Everyone loves tiling

Everyone loves tiling

I may have thought myself a bit of a DIY Queen before I signed up for Chix & Mortar but even I had never attempted tiling.

Our second day is largely dedicated to mastering the tricky art of bathroom or kitchen tiling jobs and it’s by far my favourite bit. Craig and 60-Minute make-over’s Jason Goodwin get us started by explaining the difference between adhesive and grout (no, I’m not kidding, I really had no idea there was a difference!)

We’re taught to use tile spacers and how to apply the adhesive to obtain optimum grip while keeping the tiles flat. Once we’ve got the hang of that Craig takes each of us through the correct tile cutting technique. We use a flat bed tile cutter and a set of nibblers. I’m very taken with the names but less enthusiastic when it comes to using these devices… I’m not alone.

‘I HATE the nibblers’ says Lucy, 41, a lawyer from London. She’s confidently tiled her entire easel but the delicate art of cutting random shapes into a tile (to fit round a pipe for instance) has foxed her for now.

‘Don’t worry’, says Craig, ‘we want you to make the mistakes here not at home!’ It’s becoming a mantra.

Tiling’s often the most popular section of the course, explains Collette. ‘We had one woman get really excited about the tiling. She said she wanted to go home and tile her whole house! I got an email from her shortly after she took the course. She’d moved to New York and didn’t know any good builders so she’d got stuck in herself.’

Sure enough she’d tiled her new apartment, all by herself.

Image: perfect tiling technique

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