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Celebrating Christmas differently - a non-traditonal Xmas
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Acting on stage over Christmas


Cassandra, 31, actress, Oxford

I've already spent Christmas Eve on stage before.

Not because I'm against Christmas or anything.

In fact, I would much rather have spent it with my family but it can be so difficult to land a theatre role that when you get one, you don't turn it down.

But I was quite concerned about it. I thought that nobody would turn up, that the actors wouldn't give it their all, that they'd want to rush through the play as quickly as possible so they could shoot off home.

But in the end, it was an excellent evening, one of the best!

The theatre was half full but the enthusiasm from the audience was amazing, it felt like there was twice the amount of people there!

They weren't there by chance, they'd chosen to go to the theatre at Christmas, they wanted to unwind and not be on their own. Their enthusiasm was very infectious.

When it came to taking my bow, I felt like I was with a big famiily. OK, so it might sound a bit cheesy, but I swear I felt the magic of Christmas!

Everybody was moaning to me about working on the 24th, as if it was a punishment. But in the end, I was surrounded by so many people, it felt magical.

There was a celebration afterwards with the cast and crew, and some of the audience joined us. I'd do it again, no problem.

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