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Big, Bubbly or Sweet: 4 Gift Ideas Filled with Holiday “Spirit”

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 12, 2015

Better put your thinking cap on because gift giving season is fast approaching!

Have you considered good quality spirits or wine as Christmas gifts? It’s a foolproof idea and a real treat for loved ones who usually opt for lower-end products rather than to spend more on something that will be gone pretty fast. And isn’t that the whole idea of a gift? To treat someone to a luxury item that they normally wouldn’t buy for themselves?

The choices are endless, but here are four festive and, above all, original, ideas for those of you who like the idea of giving festive gifts that everyone can appreciate!

Gift Package

If you think a bottle is too common a gift, consider a gift package. Your loved ones are sure to appreciate the added surprise! For example, the gift package shown below contains a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka (750 ml) and two martini glasses.

Grey Goose 750 ml + 2 glasses:


People who give magnums as gifts are always a big hit! After all, a big bottle is synonymous with festiveness. This Ruffino Chianti is a good choice. Your loved ones and their guests are sure to enjoy its fruity notes and full body.

Ruffino Chianti 1.5 L:

New Spirits

Often sold as Limited Edition products, new spirits offered in original flavours are the perfect gift for your cutting edge foodie friends! For example, Baileys, a classic Holiday drink, comes in a salted caramel version this year!

Baileys Salted Caramel 750 ml:


It may be predictable but a classic is a classic! And when you give someone sparkling wine or champagne for Christmas, you know it won’t collect dust, especially with New Year’s around the corner! Forget Brimont Premier Cru is an aromatic, medium-bodied and affordably-priced pink sparkling wine. A perfect gift to ring in the New Year in style!

Forget Brimont Premier Cru 750 ml:

For more ideas like these, check out the SAQ’s Holiday Essentials section here.

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