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A beginner's guide to Feng Shui

Tips for Feng Shui at the office


Feng Shui expert Paul Darby  © Logitech
Feng Shui expert Paul Darby © Logitech
When setting up the office, it’s best to approach it step by step. Darby explains what you need to pay attention to and provides helpful tips on how to arrange your office according to Fend Shui principles:

1.    Complexity is confusion: Try to achieve maximum simplicity when choosing objects, colours and technology.

2.   Uplighters in room corners or alcoves help get slow, stagnating energy flowing, which would otherwise have a negative effect. Eliminate "dark energy drains" and make sure there is plenty of light in the entire room.

3.    Good lighting near the computer increases chi energy and keeps it moving around the workspace. This promotes creativity, positive thinking and the flow of ideas.

4.    Carefully chosen colours are better than busy patterns: The so-called growth colours green and yellow represent plants and sunshine. They should be used in the eastern and south-eastern areas because these "sunrise" colours increase and boost the natural flow of energy in you and in the space around you. The fire colours – shades of red and yellow – should be used in the southern areas and will attract positive energy, zest for life and luck.

5.    Plants: Place evergreen plants in the eastern, south-eastern, northern and southern areas of your house. The "evergreen" of nature keeps the natural chi energy moving and creates a constant flow, which will bring out the best in you and the space around you.

6.    Round metal objects such as brass and copper bowls or vases should be placed in the western, north-western and northern Feng Shui areas of the room. Then slow and stagnating energy will transform into positive, continuously flowing energy. These vases and bowls should be empty, since they are waiting "to be filled with luck.”

7.   Order and tidiness: Make sure that your workspace is not too cluttered.


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