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8 Toxic Friendships From Which You Should Distance Yourself Today!

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on July 6, 2015

If many people contribute to our happiness, there are some that, instead, harm our well-being. It may take several years before noticing that we are in such a relationship, and a basically healthy friendship can become unhealthy. There are many kinds of toxic relationships. How to recognize them?

Three reasons to take action:

1. The passage of time does not help matters. We must act as soon as we become aware.

2. You can almost never change a toxic person; this is a job that they must accomplish for themselves.

3. Because you are an adult and responsible for your happiness. You must fulfill your own needs.

The Friend Who Lies all the Time

Do you know someone who seems to not tell the truth? Some people lie to elevate themselves or to get what they want while others do it because they really believe their own lies. When most of the things you know about somebody prove to be of their own invention ... there is something wrong. Especially if you start to realize their lies can affect you, it's time to say goodbye!

The Person Visits You Only When in Need

Everyone looks to profit from their relationships. But a relationship must be fair. That is to say that both parties give and receive equally. If someone does not intend to share a healthy and loving friendship: we are no longer speaking of friendship or of love! You should immediately distance yourself from the person who is constantly trying to get something from you, no matter what it is!

The Jealous Girlfriend

Jealousy is a natural emotion; it's normal to be jealous, but not all the time! If one of your friends is constantly envious of your accomplishments, why maintain a relationship with her? When jealousy becomes toxic, the envious person lives your success as a personal affront and will do everything possible to bring you down. In a healthy friendship, we are proud of each other and we celebrate our victories together, the small and large. Not the opposite!

The Person Who Is Always Looking to Argue with You

​Disagreements and debates are part of friendships. But what if someone constantly contradicts us and questions ALL our views and ideas? No matter what we say, we are always reproached for something ... enough is enough! Eventually, it drains our energy. Of course, it is normal to disagree on some points, but we should have some common vision with our friends, right?

The Negative

Everything is awful. All the time. Some people never have anything nice to say and see themselves as victims in all situations. The worst part is that their comments eventually demoralize everybody. Negativity is contagious, something we don't need in our lives! But be careful: pessimism can be a character trait, but it can also hide something. If you think one of your friend is suffering from depression or is sincerely unhappy, you should discuss this with him or her.

The Manipulator

We do not always realize that we are being manipulated because the manipulator purports to act for our welfare. Sometimes it can be harmless, but in some cases, manipulation can go too far ... Friends, colleagues, lovers – male or female ... anyone can have this character trait. In their presence, you feel entrapped by their needs; you have the feeling that you can never succeed, that you are never up to it. Break the control that this person exercises over you! The manipulator is definitely the most dangerous person in your life.

The Person Who Obviously Does Not Appreciate You

​Why are you seeing somebody who obviously does not appreciate you? No idea. No need to be a guru of interpersonal relationships to know that someone does not like you. When someone is constantly critical, judges you, and calls you down ... why bother? Stop this hypocritical game that will get neither of you anywhere,

Your Ex

After a breakup, you can eventually be friends, but trying to achieve that immediately after breaking up is not a good idea. Even to keep that person as a “friend with benefits” will not bring you any good, whatever people say. Obviously, you have not yet had time to understand your feelings about this person. Even in the case of an amicable separation, there still remains one party more committed than the other. In short, to prevent a drama, or that you wind up hating each other, you should keep your distance until you are actually ready to reconnect.

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