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7 music streaming sites worth checking out

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 18, 2015

For better or for worse, the Internet has finally gotten the upper hand over the music industry now that anyone can go online to stream just about any kind of music. Some cell phone companies even offer plans with unlimited data for streaming music online. Of course, with so many of these music streaming sites up and running, it can be hard to pick the right one. Here, then, are seven that we think are worth checking out, broken down into three categories.

For discovering new artists, songs, remixes and remakes

Hype Machine
This platform allows you to follow artists so you can hear their latest hits and to follow your friends so you can see what new music they like. Hype Machine is great if you have a group of friends who share your tastes in music and they also have a good App.

A bunch of artists actually use this platform themselves, allowing you to see their favorite artists and songs. Like Hype Machine, this site also lets you follow your friends and be followed.

Indie Shuffle
As its name implies, this site caters to indie music. You’ll find the latest songs in this genre on here, as well as covers and remixes. It also has playlists, like the platforms in our next category.

For musical playlists

With 8Tracks, you input keywords to tell the platform what type of playlist you want to hear. So, for example, the words indie+fall would lead you to playlists whose creators used those words.

The playlists on Songza are divided into four categories: activities (maybe you’re cooking), genres (maybe you want to hear jazz), moods (maybe you’re in a celebratory mood), and decades (maybe you’re nostalgic for a ballad by Destiny’s Child or NSYNC). For those who like to hear the latest hits, Blogged 50 is a great playlist that gets updated every week!

For streaming any kind of music

Spotify versus Apple Music
These two fee-based platforms have been battling it out since Apple Music came online a few months ago. Both charge $10/month and give you access to just about any song. Spotify’s library contains around 30 million, while Apple Music tops that, with 37 million. Most reviewers agree that Spotify is better in terms of discovering new music and I have to agree. I use Apple Music and am often disappointed by the song selection I see in the “For You” tab, which is supposed to reflect my musical tastes. On the plus side, Apple Music does offer a free 3-month trial!

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