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7 easy ways to stay in shape this winter

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 23, 2015

Are you a little lazy by nature? Does the idea of working out after a long workday seem like an impossible mountain to climb? Look no further than our 7 exercise cheats!

Leave your car at home

Obviously, not everyone can walk or cycle to work but even using public transportation burns a lot more calories than driving to work. Walking to the train or Metro station and/or from bus stop to bus stop and going up and down all those stairs every day adds up faster than you realize, and without having to work out at all!

Pack a lunch

This habit makes it easier to eat healthy (providing you’re not brown-bagging your fast food leftovers!) and saves money to boot. Just pack your lunchbox with nutritious meals and don’t forget healthy snacks like fruit, yogurt, granola, crudités and nuts!

Get an exercise buddy

If you’re the type who stops going to the gym after a few weeks of making a good faith effort, it may be time to find an exercise buddy to motivate you. The idea is to regularly schedule whatever physical activity you and your friend will both enjoy. The odds of sticking to it will be much higher because you will both be accountable to each other. You could even reward yourselves with a nice dinner afterwards!

Make your pooch happy

Most dogs need 30-60 minutes of exercise every day, so if your best friend, like you, isn’t getting enough, taking longer walks together will do you both good. And there’s no reason why you can’t walk your dog in the winter either if you dress warmly!

Spread out your workouts

If you’re too busy to work out for a full hour, don’t let that stop you! What matters is the total number of calories you burn from sunup to sundown: 15 minutes of yoga before work, another 15 minutes of running around all day, followed by 15 minutes of squats, abdominal exercises and push-ups and the deed is practically done!

Drink more water (or coffee!)

It’s amazing how many calories we mindlessly drink! Just about every beverage known to man is loaded with them. Soft drinks and alcohol are among the worst offenders but if you love coffee, the good news is that it barely contains any–providing you don’t put four teaspoons of sugar and cream into every cup!

Make love

Most experts agree that a 150 lb person burns roughly 150 calories when they have sex for ½ hour. Not as much as jogging maybe (around 300 calories) but a lot more fun!

So no more excuses, OK? Get on with it!

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