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6 homemade Christmas gift ideas

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 30, 2015

Store-bought gifts are fine but homemade presents that take time and thought to pull off are often even more appreciated. Here are six ideas for easy DIY gifts that are sure to please!

Painted kitchen utensils

You don’t have to be crafty to pull this one off! All you have to do to replicate this design is buy a few wooden utensils and dip them in paint three times. What better way to recycle all those leftover paint cans taking up space in your shed!

Mason jar filled with cookie ingredients

Instead of giving homemade cookies that may go unnoticed or go stale during our binge-eating holiday season, why not put the dry ingredients that make up your favourite cookie recipe into mason jars? It’s far more inventive and at least your gift won’t be tossed!

Candles in unique holders

Candle sets cost a fortune for nothing these days. You’re far better off buying a big white candle and making your own holder by decorating a tea box, cup or mason jar.

Instagram photo tiles

Did you know that you can have digital photos printed onto ceramic tiles these days? Small photo tiles can be used as coasters and larger ones can be used as picture frames.

Apple Photo Book

Creating a photo book filled with precious memories is easy with Apple’s Photos App. No one prints their photos or puts them into albums anymore so your loved ones will certainly appreciate having an actual book of photos to look at, just like in the good old days!

Wall art

If you’re artistic, why not use paint to decorate an object that can be hung on a wall? You could turn something long and flat like an oar, for example, into an original work of art.

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