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6 good reasons to start dancing

by Marie-Sarah Published on November 30, 2015

You’re no quitter. You go to the gym to work out every day even though you hate it because you made a promise to yourself. No pain, no gain, right?

Ever thought of dance as a workout? This sport/art form is overlooked by lots of people who want to stay fit because they’re afraid of trying something new that will take them out of their comfort zone. Which is a shame because dancing is one of the most complete and fun workouts ever! Here are a few of the many good reasons to try it.

You’ll get swept up by the music

Dance classes are anything but dull. Guided by your teacher, you’ll wonder where the time went as you go from warm-up exercises to full-brown choreographies. A lot more fun than a bunch of push-ups and crunches! It’s the music that makes all the difference.

It’s a complete workout

Dance is a sport that requires using every muscle in your body. It has a strong cardio component but also improves your flexibility.

It’s a fun social activity

In many cultures, dancing is something that everyone does at social gatherings. While this may not always be the case here in North America, it certainly brings people together. Taking a dance class will allow you to meet new people and make new friends, especially if you take up ballroom dancing.

It will increase your sex appeal

Research shows that good dancers are perceived as more attractive by the opposite sex. Charles Darwin was the first to suggest that dance was a courtship ritual, a theory validated in nightclubs all over the world every weekend!

You can do it your whole life

The ballet class I take has lots of seniors in it. What’s great about dancing is that everyone gets to do it at their own level. And if you’re lucky enough to work on your dance skills with your better half, then by the time you retire, the two of you will still be able to impress everyone with your fancy footwork at family parties!

You can learn an endless variety of dance styles

There are so many dance styles to choose from: ballet, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, pole dancing, tap dancing, salsa, tango and the list goes on. So if after a year of learning basic stances and bar routines in ballet class you want to try a higher-energy style of dance like Krumping, nothing is stopping you!

Dancing takes coordination so if you never took dance lessons as a child, then take a beginners class or even a Zumba class. Most fitness centres offer them and the easy, repetitive Latin-inspired moves will give you a taste of what dancing is all about!

Five, six, seven, eight...your move!

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