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5 Montreal coffee shops made greater by the baristas

by Marie-Sarah Published on December 16, 2015

There’s no question that coffee is a mood lifter, but the experience is a thousand times better when your latte or cappuccino comes with a warm smile and great service. Here are 5 Montreal coffee shops where I love to go for the coffee but, especially, for the friendly baristas!


This tiny coffee shop at the corner of Rivard and Laurier only opened a few months ago. There is no room to sit inside but what the place lacks in space, the employees and owner more than make up for with smiles and friendly conversation. They also serve ice cream from Givrés in the summer, and the coffee itself is DE-LI-CIOUS! A mandatory pit-stop before going into the office!


This quaint Saint-Laurent Boulevard coffee shop was opened a little over two years ago by two Australian expats who fell in love with Montreal. If you have time to chat, the owners would be more than happy to tell you the whole story and to practice their French with you. As the outdoor sign says, their French may not be great, but their coffee is!


This Montreal institution is located in the heart of the Mile-End district. The gentlemen who work at Olimpico have been there forever and it shows–there are long lines every single morning and yet these seasoned pros keep it moving at a super fast clip. I just love their high-level professionalism, their dry wit and their unmatched efficiency.

El Mundo

This unpretentious coffee shop in the McGill ghetto area is super friendly. The owner, a Lebanese Montrealer, originally opened it at the corner of Saint-Hubert and Jean-Talon but decided to move his espresso machines to a busier location a few years ago. I wouldn’t dream of passing up his baristas’ beautiful smiles for the Second Cup or Presse Café across the street!

Larue et fils

I’ve only tried Larue et fils’s coffee from their mobile coffee van, but if what everyone is saying about their Jarry Street coffee shop is true (“best latte in Villeray!”, “such friendly service!”), you’re bound to enjoy your java and the atmosphere!

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