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Adam Cohen, towards the light
The Real Adam Cohen


What turns you on?
“Singing. When I’m not as ferociously hungover as today, I laugh and cry easily, I’m captivated by people, the presence or absence of humour, sex, I’m sensitive to everything I see and live through.” 
What’s going on in his imagination, you may wonder? Certainly a mix of exquisite, romantic and poetic melodies, of emotions lived that he transmits through his songs, all in his own twist on tradition: “! don’t wanna be like them, those other men. Whatever came before me, well that was then. I’ll be better than...” (lyrics from Like a Man)

You’re turning 40 soon. Do you think that it’ll be a milestone or a mid-life crisis? 
“I hope I’ve already had it! I would like to think it happened in my mid-thirties and that now, I’ve found my way. And especially that I understand myself, and know the reasons why I maybe haven’t succeeded before. That’s what helps you succeed in the future.”

As serious as he is playful, Cohen can laugh at his background while making you sob when he talks about the career he hasn’t always respected. Today, he’s determined to satisfy those he draws to him. “I want to be for them what the legends were for me; I’m talking about those who wrote the soundtrack to my life. They inspired me with melodies, emotions and words, when I couldn’t find my own; the will to dance, to drink, to f**k and to be a part of life!”

“ Now I orient my life with a little more precision, and show my own capabilities while honoring my profession. That’s what interests me know. I may have taken advantage of things a little too much in my youth. We live and learn!”

If you had to do it all again?
“I think I would have done things differently. For example, from the apex of a pyramid, I would have visualized where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, and I would have found the shortest way to get there. If I had one piece to advice to give, I would ask: ‘What can you offer that no one else can? Where do you want to be and how do you want to get there? Give yourself an incentive treat and trace your path. And whether there’s snow, rain, happiness, sorrow, whatever, dig, continue, go forward, and stay focused on your destination.”

Looking  at this serene and smiling man, we can tell that Adam Cohen has found his balance in life, and that he’s gliding, slowly but surely, into the big boys’ club. Like a man. 

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