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Adam Cohen, towards the light
The Real Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen: montrealer


Despite this long tradition, Cohen Jr.’s presence is felt; he has his own personality, and shares that and his sense of humor in a very natural way. “ For the time being, I’m satisfied with the results, of the work I’ve done and the way I’ve been invested in music. It has finally put a couple of dollars in my bank account! I can spend them on stage props, and with my friends, to share the love. Not everyone can go on stage and be greeted with applause, or have a life that requires travel, people who want to talk to you, cars that pick you up...it’s pretty extraordinary!”

©Shayne Laverdière - Adam Cohen: montrealer
©Shayne Laverdière
The singer with the soulful, rough voice has a wide range of musical tastes. “Saying you have a favorite singer is like the ultimate anti-love. Of course there are things i like better than others, but it’s like a rolling carpet, it depends on the moment. But there are those that you admire no matter what like Marley, Cash, Cohen, Dylan, Marvin Gaye, they’re big names for a reason.”
He spends his time between Montreal, where he lives, and Los Angeles. “I’ve really lived a gypsy life. I’m still not often at home. I love traveling and everything it entails, though I realize that most people don’t have that luxury. I try to appreciate the things that are present in my life. I’m a Montrealer. I’ve traveled and lived in so many places, but the place where I feel most at home is here.” 
Cohen is enthusiastic, and with good reason: he goes on a long international tour soon, where he will both headline and open. “ My vision of the stage is ‘ I’m doing this professionally, I’m part of this culture and this profession that requires me to be on stage.’”
What do you do with the rest of your time?
“I listen to and absorb everything! I listen to people, I observe, I’m open to spending long, crazy and interesting nights, where adventure means unbuttoning your shirt!”


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