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One Direction embarrassed by Swedish fans' breasts

by the editorial team Published on September 28, 2012

One Direction have revealed that they felt a little awkward when fans in Sweden showed them their boobs..

One Direction embarrassed by Swedish fans' breasts

The boys - Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne - claim the girls ran after their car, lifted their tops and pressed their bare chests against the window.

After 20-year-old Louis gives a demonstration, Niall, 19, tells Alan Carr on his show Chatty Man this evening: “It was quite embarrassing."

Harry, 18, tweeted about the incident after it happened: "There is now nipple marks on our car..Sweden is always fun."

It seems 1D's Nordic admirers are crazier than most.

Louis has previously said: "There were a few Swedish fans who did try to lick our faces. I can confirm!"

Are there any lengths they won't go to for contact with the boys? One US Directioner even lurked around in a load of garbage just to catch a glimpse of her favourite band.

Zayn, 19, explained: "They got busted. They hid in a bin and tried to come in the back entrance."

It seems the obsessed youngsters are pretty cunning when it comes to contact with these lads.

A source revealed during the boys' US tour earlier this year: "Some have been regularly booking out rooms in their hotel - some even tried to dress up as staff."