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One Direction bodyguard exposes 1D tour secrets

by the editorial team Published on November 20, 2012

One Direction bodyguard exposes 1D tour secrets

One Direction, a.k.a biggest boyband in the world right now, have a pretty crazy life.

And to confirm our suspicions, the band's former bodyguard Andy Davies - who barely left their side for nine months - has lifted the lid on just what life was like with the former UK "X Factor" contestants.

From a bizarre request by an American woman who offered the band one million dollars to spend the day with her obsessed daughter, to an invitation to perform for US President Barack Obama; Andy has all the gossip.

Andy, who was affectionately nicknamed Baldy, also witnessed at first hand the crazy hysteria that follows Harry, 18, Niall, Liam and Zayn, all 19, and Louis, 20, wherever they go.

The 45-year-old recalls how insanely popular the boys have become since Simon Cowell put them together on "The X Factor" in 2010 - but insists they still have their feet on the ground.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “I love the boys to bits, and we’ve become great mates.

“As much as they enjoy their fame, I think they’re still a little taken back by it all.

“They’ll talk about it sometimes, usually when we’re surrounded by a sea of screaming girls.

“Harry will say, ‘We’re as big as The Beatles’ and then Niall will pipe up, ‘No we’re bigger than The Beatles’. But seriously they’re down-to-earth lads.... they don’t mean it.

“I think the guys are still slightly overwhelmed by the attention but they certainly do enjoy it.”

But Andy goes on to add that fame is double-edged sword and sometimes they crave a bit of normality in their lives.

He continued: “They’re living the dream and they know how lucky they’ve been. Sometimes though they just want to do the things everyone else does.

“We were staying in this lovely hotel in Kent during a photoshoot but all the boys wanted to do was camp. So we found a campsite, set up tents and built a campfire. They loved it.

“They don’t really talk much about the job when you’re with them. They’ll talk about other stuff... PlayStation, Fifa, mucking around.

“They’re just normal lads. They really are pleasant young men. Really polite, kind-hearted and very well-mannered.

“They’re not diva-ish at all. All they want before a concert is a bag of sweets and a Pepsi. They won’t say, ‘I want green grapes with no seeds that look like bananas’. They’re all pretty chilled.”

Andy certainly had his work cut out trying to keep 1D’s crazed fans at bay.

He recalled: “Quite often you’ll get the boys to bed and you have to stay on the landing for a couple of hours making sure girls aren’t coming up the stairwells, up the fire escapes.

“Quite often they’ll check in to the hotel and start ringing each individual room to find out which room the boys are in.

“One of the craziest things I saw was a couple of girls in high heels and little black dresses, allegedly wanting to use the gym where the boys were training.”

As he had to spend so much time with One Direction, Andy built up a really close relationship with the boys and fondly remembers their incredible generosity.

He explained: “The nicest thing was when the boys upgraded my flight to get me home in time for the birth of my little boy.

“Niall jammed my Twitter when he tweeted that my wife’s waters had broken. I had like 8,000 tweets from fans.”