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Alexa Chung joins Gossip Girl

by the editorial team Published on August 3, 2012

Alexa Chung has been filming for the new series of Gossip Girl.

Alexa Chung joins the cast of Gossip Girl

Alexa Chung

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born 1983-11-05

The British model, who relocated to New York in 2009, has been snapped hanging out with Leighton Meester and co on the set of the fashion-fabulous show.

Super-skinny Alexa was snapped snacking on junk food as she wore a blue sailor-style dress with red bow for her appearance in the show's final season.

It's not yet been confirmed how many episodes Alexa will feature in and no character details have yet been released, so it's unclear as to whether she'll be making her acting debut or appearing in a cameo role as herself.

Alexa, 28, has been keeping quiet about her time on the US hit show on Twitter, though it does seem she's been making the most of her British accent Stateside.

She Tweeted: "Really hamming up my accent in Starbucks this morning for zero reason. Sound like Hugh Grant."