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Stock market tips for women:
How to profit from the economic recovery

Cleverly exploiting the crisis


 - Cleverly exploiting the crisis
Financial expert Dr. Fleur Platow © Platow
Cleverly exploiting the crisis
A large proportion of this money - 600 billion dollars in China alone, almost a trillion dollars in the US - is being poured into infrastructure projects: roads are being upgraded, bridges renovated, and fibre-optic cable laid. And many experts are predicting that there will be more public investment to come, in order to give the economy an additional boost.  

For financial strategists this means these are the areas in which to invest.

"2010 and the next few years will be profitable particularly for the infrastructure companies who are building all those bridges or supplying the materials for them – in other words, construction companies and producers of building materials.

Typically, we would see these as men's shares,” says Dr. Fleur Platow, a consultant at the Smart Ladies Investments Club.

Platow: My personal favourites
“My personal favourites are manufacturers of materials, like Total - I have their shares in my own portfolio - or the Australian company BHP.'

Also among her recommendations: Bilfinger Berger in Germany, Eni in Italy, and the Swiss cement firm Holcim. Tip for stock market novices: invest in equity funds rather than individual stocks.

Tips for first-time investors

“Anyone who has no previous experience in the stock market shouldn't buy individual stock, as these shares need to be closely monitored and sold on if there are any doubts about them,” Platow says. “Equity funds are preferable.”

One such fund is offered by Black Rock (BFG) with its 'World Mining Fund,' which invests in global companies in the materials segment.

“There may be companies among them from the weak US dollar zone. But this disadvantage is offset by firms with a large market share in the emerging nations, where we can expect profit percentages in double figures.”

An investment tip from the handbag
There's an investment tip to be found in the contents of many a handbag: with the latest figures indicating that the Apple iPhone will continue to increase its market share in 2010, Apple has become a big favourite among investors, according to Platow. Yet the word here is 'wait and see'. “At the moment the share price is $250. Let's wait until it drops just below the $200 mark,” she says.

Then the time will be right, and your career as a stock market speculator will have just begun ...


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