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Stock market tips for women:

Stock market tips women


Find out how to profit from economic recovery. © Jupiter  - Stock market tips women
Find out how to profit from economic recovery. © Jupiter
Off to the stock exchange: for women 2010 is the year of "men's shares"

The best stock  market tip given to women generally goes something like this: put L’Oréal in your portfolio as well as on your lips, and have a Nokia share certificate in your handbag alongside your phone.

The theory goes that women who are new to the market should first invest in brands they’re familiar with as women, and which they trust as consumers. This makes sense, and often proves to be a sound foundation for a share portfolio.

So-called girls' shares like these are usually pretty stable. Manufacturers in the consumer or luxury goods sectors, though, must be selected with care, and monitored carefully – particularly now, during the economic crisis. This is something that requires time, as well as some insider knowledge.

But for 2010 the best financial tip is, instead: buy men's shares. (But use your female intuition.)

Since last summer there have been signs of a slight recovery after the rapid nosedive the world economy took in 2008. What recovery there’s been has come primarily as a result of the billions put into recovery packages by governments across the world, in an effort to halt the decline.


Dr. Fleur Platow is a financial expert and senior advisor to the Smart Women's Investment Club.


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