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Retro savings

9. Adopt a post war mentality

One way to get through the year without getting into the red, is to adopt a post war mentality.

Freesat asked the nation’s pensioners how they made ends meet and what advice they’d give today.  Then they asked 2,000 people if they would consider applying these tips to their lifestyles.
A quarter of people would be happy to cut costs by customizing old clothes and by reducing the amount of detergent they use.

Unsurprisingly only 4% of today's women would consider saving money on stockings by staining their legs with gravy powder a la 1940's. Well, that smell isn't exactly sexy.

Other 1940's saving tips include being careful with food.

Margueritte Patten, one of the nation's first celebrity chefs says, "Cut waste by using any leftovers from the day before, and checking online for recipes before throwing old items out."

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