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Women Are Standing Up To Makeup Shaming And It's Brilliant

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on June 25, 2015

We're not ashamed to say it: we love makeup. We love buying makeup, we love experimenting with it, and we love wearing it but apparently some people think us and other women should be ashamed of ourselves for this simple choice. Well, they might want to take a look at #ThePowerofmakeup movement...

The campaign was started by Youtube blogger and make-up guru Nikkie de Jager after she became fed up of being shamed for wearing makeup.

She says in her video. "I've been noticing a lot lately that girls have been almost ashamed to say that they love make-up, cause nowadays, if you say that you love makeup, you either do it because you want to look good for boys, you do it because you're insecure, or you do it because you don't love yourself."

We hear you Nikkie. Although there's a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way - and the makeup industry has played its part - the psychology behind it delves a lot deeper than 'I wear make up to attract men'. Frankly it's insulting.

Spoiler: a lot of women wear make up to look good for themselves, we know we do. Make up is fun and exciting and lets face it, make up is another form of creative expression. So to shut the haters down, here's to the women who are sticking it to makeup shamers.

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Tylsänä sadeaamuna voi vähän leikkiä.. #thepowerofmakeup

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Women have enough pressure already not to be picked apart for their personal decision to wear makeup or not. So we're saying if you want to wear makeup GO AHEAD GIRL. Don't? Then don't and be hella proud of yourself too.

This article was written by Tolani Shoneye. Follow her on @tolly_t

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard
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