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Talented Make-Up Artist Recreates Disney Characters...On Her Lips

Maria Bell
by Maria Bell Published on August 20, 2014

Forget red lipstick and duck pouts, painting joyful Disney characters on your mouth is THE best way to make sure your lips 'pop'. OK, maybe this isn't an 'everyday look' for the majority of us, but Laura Jenkinson, we implore you to continue with these awesome creations...

The London based make-up artist uploaded her amazing artwork to her blog where she's experimented with bringing her favourite cartoon characters to life. From Lion King to Finding Nemo, they're all in there - just take a look.




Power Puff Girls




Bugs Bunny

Mickey Mouse


We're imaging a LOT of time was spent singing Hakuna Matata to herself in the mirror. If so, then please upload Laura - we need to see it.

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