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The City Break make up


City breaks are fabulous, fun and fast. You don't want to be wasting precious time in front of the mirror doing eloborate things to your face.

City break make up calls for fast glamour. Instant day to evening beauty.

You may not have huge amounts of space in your luggage but you can generally use hotel supplies and a city break is the ideal time to hit duty free and stock up on posh skin care products.

Day to Night

Providing you started your day with a good base of primer and SPF foundation you should be able to ease yourself seamlessly into the evening with a quick powdering of your nose...

...well almost. A pressed powder compact will only get your so far so go for one with two-tones such as Stila's Baked Powder Duo. Use one half to mattify and the other to give your cheeks a dash of colour. Anti-aging in a second!

Top up your eyes with a heavy line of Kohl and dab a dash of perfume such as Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume - £7.50 from L'Occitane which you can keep in your handbag.

Three hairstyles - one weekend

Even the journey is important on a city break so treat yourself to a professional blow dry the day before - you may want to get a manicure and pedicure while your at it. Might as well start the holiday early!

A professional blow dry will last you all the way through the following day and will still be OK for a pony tail on the one after that.

Back comb the crown for added drama, and then gently brush back into a high pony becing careful not to flatten all that volume you created. Spritz with hairspray to hold.

On the third day, turn you head upside down and spray with dry shampoo, dust it out and then pull back into a loose, low bun.

Got mid-length hair? This is slightly trickier - Make use of the hotel shampoo but take your own conditioner! If you can't tie it up you'll probably have to wash it.


Chances are you're going to step off the plane and get straight out to explore. The biggest enemy in any beauty regime is dehydration and no amount of make up can hide a plane fatigued face if the owner hasn't OD'd on the H20.

Buy at least two big bottles of water in the airport lounge to take on the flight with you. Remember you can't take more than 50ml through so you'll have to shop once you're safely through security.

Keep drinking steadily throughout the flight. Your face will thank you!

The Essential City Break Beauty List


SPF Foundation
Duo powder and blusher
Brown-beige eyeshadow
Perfume stick

Hair care:

Bristle brush
2-3 hair bands
Dry Shampoo
Travel size conditioner
Mini hairspray

Skin care:
Buy in duty-free

SPF moisturizer (Factor 30 minimum)
Small night cream in a tube
Eye cream


Gentle face wash
Mini hand sanitizer
Solid perfume


Emery board
Nail polish remover pads
Clear Nail polish


Blister plasters
Soothing footcream


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