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Backpacking isn't everyone's cup of tea but for those intrepid females who define themselves by their choice of luggage for three to 12 months or more, deciding what make up to take is often a hard decision.

A backpacker will usually spend in excess of three months away from home comforts so beauty items need to be long-lasting, light and multi-tasking.

The most important items a backpacker needs in abundence are high factor sun screen and baby wipes.

Don't be tempted to buy sun screen when you get there - it might be fake!!

Prepared for anything

Backpacking can take you into cosmopolitan cities and swanky bars and in the next 24hrs you could be back under canvas sipping home brew with a cattle farmer.

Be prepared for anything by simplifying your make up look. You'll only need five items:

SPF Foundation
Cream blusher
Brown-beige eyeshadow pallette

You don't need any make up brushes as you can apply all of the above with fingers or the applicator included. Applying eyeshadow with your fingers is a great way of getting a good subtle blend. Take a pallette with at least three shades so you can vary your look.

If you think you might need a bit of wow factor, include a self-sharpening kohl pencil too.

Master the ponytail

Long periods without a shower are a reality for most backpackers. Greasy hair is a tell-tale sign. Putting it up is one way to mask the worst of a 24hr train journey or a night in an airport waiting room.

Spray generously with dry shampoo and pull hair back into a messy ponytail using your fingers to comb it through. Have a handy bandana ready for really bad days.

Don't worry about packing separate showergel, shampoo and conditioner. Just bring a small hair & body wash and a leave-in conditioner to use sparingly every 2-3 days. Replacement hair and body wash can be easily picked up abroad. The conditioner should last you a good while.

Don't take any frizz control products - your after sun can tame the worst strays and add texture and weight to the lengths. A little goes a long way.

Babywipes are your new best friend

There's no part of your body that can't be freshened up with a baby wipe which is why they are indispensible item in the armoury of the backpacker. Do not leave home without a big supply.

Take a gentle face wash to clean your mush with whenever you get the chance. Your mug will thank you for giving it a break once in a while. Baby wipes are great but aren't a long term solution for cleansing your face.

The Essential Backpacking Trip Beauty List


SPF Foundation
Cream blusher
Brown-beige eyeshadow pallette

Hair care:

Medium brush
Fistful of hair bands
Dry Shampoo
Leave-in conditioner

Skin care:

Sun screen (Factor 30 minimum, anti-mosquito)
After sun (anti-mosquito)
Small night cream in a tube
Anti-mosquito spray


Gentle face wash
Travel size hair & body wash
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
Water purifying tablets
Diarrhea tablets
Constipation tablets
Pain killers
Malaria tablets
Mosquito-repellent spray
Insect bite cream


Emery board


Small nail clippers
Blister plasters

Hair removal:

Shave oil (Men's is fine)
Generic popular razor such as Gillette or Wilkinson Sword
Pack of 12 razor heads


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