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Holiday make up - Holiday make up | Holiday beauty
Holiday make up
Holiday make up can be tricky to get right. Your normal make up bag may be bulging at the seams but with suitcase space at a premium you'll need to streamline your holiday beauty regime to make room for all those shoes, you definately need.

We've come up with a masterlist of holiday make up must-haves for every holiday eventuality.

Make up for backpacking is entirely different from the holiday beauty products you need for a girlie trip to Marbs.

We've broken down your must pack holiday make up and beauty items in to five categories so you can't go wrong:

The Girlie Holiday

Think a week in Marbella, Ibiza, Ayia Napa, or Tenerife. Plush hotels and pools. Sun, sea, sex and a shed load of Sangria or other dubious local "cocktail".

The Exotic Get-a-way

Think two weeks in Thialand, Vietnam, or on Safari. Basic shoreline bungalows or canvas tents. Dawn trips to watch the sunrise, Elephant rides and full moon parties.

The Backpacking Adventure

Think round the world ticket to the four corners of the globe. Hostels and campsites. Culture and curiosity, bizarre local cuisine made of unidentified "meat" and killer hangovers.

The City Break

Think weekend in New York, Rome, Barcelona or Paris. Boutique hotel the size of a shoe box. Incredible food, champagne cocktails in posh bars, museums, culture and clubbing.

The Romantic Love Trip

Think island seclusion with your man. Honeymoon suite in the Maldives. Infiinity pools with bars. Sun loungers. Personal waiters. Water sports and "early nights".

We found the holiday make up products that will make your life easier when your there and your luggage lighter on your way.

Don't be tempted to buy holiday beauty items when you arrive as a lot of the more exotic locations aren't that scrupulous about genuine products.

"I thought I'd buy sun screen when I arrived in Thailand," says Sarah, 30, a charity coorindator from Reading, "Mistake! I was burned to a crisp the first day. There's no way my factor '30' was real!"

If you pack your holiday make up wisely you'll be prepared for every eventuality and still have room for that final pair of strappy sandals.


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