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Expert tips on wearing gold make-up
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Expert tips on wearing gold make-up

> What's the essential product for achieving perfect gold make-up?

Miky: For both day or night time, go for a French manicure, using gold on your nails, applied over a dark on-trend colour such as indigo or midnight blue (Lancôme's Le Vernis 012 Pure Gold and 013 Indigo Paris).

You can also do a reverse French manicure by applying gold to the lunula (the half-moon shape found at the base of the nail).

Max Delorme: A shimmering and satiny eyeshadow is THE product to have in your make-up bag as it can be used everywhere. It can be very light and soft, or used to emphasize certain points. You get to create whatever effect you want!

Also, gold nail varnish goes beautifully with gold eye make-up to create an intense effect, without being over the top.

> How can you wear gold make-up without overdoing it?

Max Delorme: Gold looks good when it's refined and when the texture is adapted to the place you're applying it to: eyes, nails, face, light reflections on the lips, etc. If you're wearing gold on your eyes, wear it on your nails too but nowhere else. It depends what you want to draw attention to.

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