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Paris catwalk makeup: haute couture trends
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Chanel: minimalist make up


©Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2009
On the podiums
It's all about the detail this season, and for Chanel that means coral lips contrasting with very pure, light eyes and base. It's a minimalist look: only the satin lips stand out, lighting up the face and giving this look character.
In your mirror
> Base 
Concentrate the light on the centre of your face. Apply highlighter to your mobile lids, inside corners of your eyes and under-eye circles, then to the sides of your nose, above your lips and the point of your chin. Then sweep shimmering powder lightly all over your face to illuminate your complexion. Finally, apply apricot blusher to the hollows of your cheeks, extending towards your temples.
> Eyes 
Apply pearly white shadow to your mobile lid, then draw a line underneath your eyes or just inside of your eyelid using a white pencil. Finish with a coat of black mascara.
> Lips 
Apply bright matte red, pink or coral lipstick using a brush for a beestung effect. Dab a little cream or gold shimmer powder onto the centre of your lips so the light falls directly onto it. Magic!

Photo: Chanel Haute Couture Summer 2009


Sarah Horrocks
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