Get the Look: Fall/Winter Beauty Trends
Punk make-up trends
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Punk make-up trends

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Sculpted face, hollowed cheekbones and a flushed complexion. This trend is inspired by photo retouching. According to Charlotte Tilbury at MAC, "It's all about haute-couture punk".
Get the look
This look, which emphasizes the angles and contours of the face, results from the play of light between matte and shiny, and light and dark textures. To accentuate these effects, eccentric red, gold and copper tones are blended in, all the way up to the temples. And for the complete punk look, lips are coated with deep, dark lipstick.

Blend colour with a brush, not your fingers. Add small amounts of shine to the inner corner of your eyes, under your brow bone, around your nostrils, lips and the rounded part of your chin. Apply matte textures under the roundest part of your cheekbones and over your eyelids.
We think...
This fantastical make-up trend is not for the faint of heart. It goes just as well with a chic look as a full-on punk one. It might not be that easy to achieve but it's very tempting to try out!

Essential buy
Powder Blush by MAC in The Perfect Cheek (matte pale pink) or Notable (satiny brick brown red), £16

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