Get the Look: Fall/Winter Beauty Trends
Romantic make-up trends
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Romantic make-up trends

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Pale, translucent complexion: soft yet radiant, it embodies the freshness of an English rose and reveals the natural beauty of the face.
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Once again, radiance and freshness are de rigueur this season. To obtain a porcelain complexion, choose a foundation with a nude effect and a fluid, silky texture that melts sublimely into the skin. Lightly add blush in soft peach or pink shades and don't be tempted to reach for the bronzing brush!
Apply a small amount of foundation where you feel you need it, starting with the centre of your face and going out towards the edges. Gently apply with your fingertips for a blended, refined look that reveals your natural glow.
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The total nude look has made way for softer, easier-to-wear make-up. Cheekbones are covered with a discreet dusting of pink and lips are enhanced with satin textures as make-up breathes freshness and lightness into the face.

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