Spa holidays in St Lucia: the ultimate way to beat stress
Lifestyle and nutrional advice

Lifestyle and nutrional advice

My first day kicked-off with a lifestyle and nutritional consultation; I discussed and confessed my eating habits, revealing the full extent of a long-term chocolate addiction and a fondness for wine, to my therapist.

Lying would have been futile anyway. The therapist performed an Iridology or Iris Assessment – he had me staring at certain points on the wall while my irises were observed – and he found my inner and outer health ‘reflected’ what I’d being saying in the consultation.

Based on these findings the therapist was able to offer me some very helpful-sounding, practical advice on lifestyle changes. Inspired, I made a promise to myself to be healthier with my food the future.

Not that it’s that hard to stay on track. The meals at LeSPORT are impressive, with even the most obscure dietary requirements taken in to account. If you like the idea of freshly cooked foods, and as much fresh salad, vegetables and fruit as you can eat daily, then you won’t be disappointed.

Alas, the deliciously naughty desserts offered twice daily quickly led me astray but it WAS a holiday so I didn’t feel too guilty.

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