Nirvana Spa review

Nirvana Spa Review
Nirvana Spa Review

Nirvana Spa

Mole Rd
West Berkshire
RG41 5DJ

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Not only is it the location where Robbie Williams and Kylie shot the infamous 'Kids' video, the award-winning Nirvana spa is unique in that it brings all the benefits of the Dead Sea to the sleepy Berkshire countryside.

Not content with utilizing it's own source of spring water - bubbling up through the earth underneath the purpose built spa - Nirvana ships in hundreds of tons of Dead Sea salt for the sole purpose of de-stressing spa goers: One hour floating in their pool is the equivalent of a good night's sleep!

Indeed, their USP is the Floatation Experience and I have to say it's rather amazing.

First we're shown through to the practice pool - a small round pool full of cloudy salty water - where the lovely instructors show us how to assume the floating position and how to go back to standing.

They run through the health and safety aspects and I wish to God, I hadn't shaved my legs that morning as the salt bites. It eases off eventually though and the cuts on my hands (had a recent fall on a training run) benefit from the anti-bacterial and healing properties of so much salt.

When we've all got the hang of floating and standing up we're taken through to the main pool.

It's a giant circular floatation pool set in a Roman-esque room replete with astrological murals and a solar system blazing in twinkly lights in the domed roof above. The lights dim, soft music plays and a gentle current takes you around the pool as you float on the surface.

It's blissful... for most people. Being a fidget I can't get comfortable even with the head rest. I bump into fellow floaters (there are just six in total) as the current gently pushes me round (apparently if you're on the heavier side you speed up slightly! I take this as proof I should have started that diet already).

Eventually I get the hang of it and I start to drift off... this is completely safe I'm told. It's a wonderful sensation.

Towards the end of the float I start to get chilly. The room is heated but the cool air creeps into my exposed limbs floating damply on the surface of the pool. I'm quite happy when the lights come up. I do feel relaxed but I'm also relieved.

In the showers, we're treated to samples of what seems like the entire range of Celestial products available at Nirvana Spa and are encouraged to try more when we're drying off. It's a sales push but it's done well and it's not in your face so no-one minds.

Jai Breitnauer
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