Jet peel - tried and tested
Does a jet peel hurt?
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Does a jet peel hurt?

Does a jet peel hurt?

The first spray from the jet peel is for lympathic drainage and is conducted quite far from the face and is only gently exfoliating.

The second wave is to start peeling and preparing the skin so it's closer and more intense. This strong exfoliation increases the benefits of any subsequent product used on your skin.

The therapist carefully sprayed my entire face, working in long sweeping lines and controlled bursts on "problem areas": a blackhead here, a fine like there.

It's most common relative would be microdermabrasion but unlike that treatment the Jet Peel can be used around more delicate areas such as the eyes.

"It would cut you, if you kept it still though" my therapist reassures me. I feel less than reassured. I'm now flinching as she stays a little longer around the corners of my mouth.

She tells me that to get really good results you have to make the tiny areas where wrinkles are found bleed... over and over again. This seems extreme to me, but then again, it's probably no worse than putting acid on your face.

The jet peel doesn't hurt exactly, I wouldn't even call it uncomfortable. But it's not relaxing. After the first wave of jet peeling is over you feel quite shocked, but like something beneficial has been done.

I'd liken it to a cold shower after a sauna, or throwing yourself into the sea for the first time: slightly shocking and exhilarating.

I asked Doctor Duve why it couldn't be warm? "It's an interesting idea" he said, "perhaps I'll look into it"." I hope he does!

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