Isle of Lewis: the most romantic UK holiday destination
Finding Whitefalls

Finding Whitefalls

Arriving on the Isle of Lewis from the small port town of Ullapool, you'll land at the island's capital Stornoway (Steòrnabhagh in Gaelic). With 6,000 residents, it's home to three quarter's of the islands population - quite a change from central London.

Whitefalls lies just 40 minutes from Storonway in the tiny "village" of Breasclete (Brèascleit). The two timber-clad lodges sit perched on the hillside over-looking a peaceful loch, just one mile from the ancient standing stones of Callanish and a short drive to the coast in any direction.

The lodges are so secluded they're almost impossible to find: a discreet, newly tarmaced lane leads you up above the village to the properties. They're beautiful, their enormous windows looking out on the stunning vista of Breasclete and Callinish in the distance, imposing hills and vanishing moors at their back.

The quiet hits you first. You might think it's the sound of complete silence - no cars, no engines, no hustle and bustle - but as you listen you soon realize the air's alive with noise: grazing sheep and lambs, all manner of birds and wildlife and the quiet whisper of the wind through the hills.

And there's so much sky! You won't know what I mean until you go, but the air, the space and that massive expanse of blue... wow. Just standing on the doorstep of Whitefalls, you feel your weariness begin to melt away on the breeze.

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